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Submit A Tip

Report a Crime Against History

  • Have you seen a cultural item for sale online?
  • Have you seen an archaeological site damaged by looting or vandalism?
  • Did you see someone actively looting?
  • Do you know someone who steals from sites?
  • Do you know someone who buys or sells artifacts or human remains?
SAVE HISTORY offers up to a $10,000 reward for information
about recent theft and vandalism at archaeological sites.

Call our tip line at 1-833-ENDLOOT or click here to submit a report.

Things to Know Before You Call

Safety First!

  • If you see a looter in the act, get to a safe place and call 911.
  • Do not confront active looters. They may be armed and dangerous.
  • Do not investigate. You could damage important evidence.
  • Leave immediately and promptly report. Take notes on any details you remember.

Common Suspect Behaviors in the Field

  • Trespassing hikers or campers on Indian lands
  • Scouting archaeological sites, especially at night
  • Hiding equipment or artifacts at sites
  • Possession of artifacts, human remains, or tools
  • Vehicles parked in remote areas or near an archaeological site
  • Use of heavy machinery or earth-moving equipment in remote areas or near an archaeological site

Common Suspect Behaviors at Home

  • Suspicious nighttime visits to public or Indian land
  • Unexplained equipment like probes, shovels, picks, sifting screens, metal detectors, rock saws, trowels, or backhoes
  • Collections of pottery, arrowheads, or human remains
  • Internet search history about buying and selling artifacts
  • Involvement in criminal activity (like drug trafficking)

What a Damaged Site Looks Like

  • Freshly dug holes with loose soil
  • Evidence of digging, probing, or heavy machinery
  • Small piles of collected artifacts, especially pottery or metal objects
  • Graffiti (spray paint, chiseled areas, scratches, etc)
  • Dumped trash
  • Stashed tools (like shovels and probes) or clothing (like knee pads and gloves)
  • Check out What Does a Crime Against History Look Like?

If You Witness A Crime

    Collect a Reward

    The information provided above will remain confidential and will go directly to a
    U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Special Agent.

    SAVE HISTORY offers up to a $10,000 reward for information about an archaeological resource crime.

    We don’t care who you are, we just care what you know!

    If an Agent may contact you (and you agree to waive confidentiality), please provide the information below: