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The Archaeological Resources Protection Act: A Collaborative Effort

Photo credit: Tyrel Iron Eyes The Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) protects archaeological resources on Tribal and federal lands and requires that archaeologists conduct a damage assessment. In order to conduct a damage assessment, land managers, archaeologists, and law enforcement collaborate to assess the damage. During this process, the vandalism or damage is recorded, mapped,…

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How Often Are Heritage Resource Crimes Prosecuted in Arizona?

Shannon Cowell, John R. Welch, and Randy Ream On a daily basis our team works both proactively, to deter heritage crime through outreach and capacity building within Tribes, and responsively, to investigate archaeological looting and vandalism incidents.  Through coordination and training, we prepare ourselves and our colleagues in law enforcement and resource management to launch…

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Call for Indigenous Artist: Deadline Extended to March 10th!

  Save History is seeking an Indigenous artist (must be a U.S. citizen) to illustrate a short story in a graphic novel style that will be published on, in print, and on Save History social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What is Save History? Save History is a collaborative effort by Tribal…

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Dr. Doreen Bird holds a microphone and talks to a crowd in her traditional dresswear.

Healing Journeys: Dr. Doreen Bird on Reconnecting to Ancestral Places

Ashleigh Thompson, Director of Tribal Collaboration at Archaeology Southwest, interviewed Dr. Doreen Bird (Kewa Pueblo) about the importance of protecting cultural landscapes. Bio: Doreen Bird, PhD, MPH is from Kewa Pueblo, New Mexico. She has worked for the protection of sacred places such as Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Bears Ears Monument in Utah, Mauna…

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NAGPRA: A Call to Action

Deanna Byrd, NAGPRA Liaison Coordinator, Historic Preservation Department, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma  Here at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, I serve our community in the role of NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) Liaison. For the last four years we have actively researched and reached out to hundreds of institutions across the United…

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Heritage Resource Looting and Vandalism in Arizona: How Serious is the Problem?

Who We Are We are professional archaeologists and resource managers with career and organizational commitments to the protection and appropriate uses of heritage sites and objects—places and things inherited from the past and still valued today. The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and Archaeology Southwest are dedicated to the proposition that archaeological and historical…

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